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Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup


Stiletto Styling

Stiletto Styling boasts an expansive and diverse portfolio, encompassing an array of specialties including Bridal, Commercials, and an assortment of other Special Occasions. At the helm stands Shevoune Lim, the visionary Founder, Hair and Makeup artist, and stylist. Her unwavering mission revolves around not just enhancing but truly accentuating the unique individualities of her clients.
The genesis of Stiletto Styling traces back to Shevoune Lim's earlier career as an event planner. Amid orchestrating grand fashion shows and high-profile soirées, her fascination with the artistry of beauty took root. Witnessing the transformative prowess wielded by adept hair and makeup artists backstage, she was captivated by their ability to metamorphose everyday women into mesmerizing, runway-worthy models.

From this inspiration, Shevoune forged her path, crafting and curating bespoke looks that epitomize personalization, ensuring each client experiences an unparalleled, tailor-made journey. Her team of seasoned professionals is passionately committed to ensuring that your special day is elevated by their expertise, leaving you looking nothing short of your absolute best.

Step into the studio at Stiletto Styling, and you'll find an atmosphere exuding warmth, joy, and a relaxed aura. Each visit is not just a grooming session but a delightful experience, as Shevoune Lim and her team infuse every interaction with a sense of fun and comfort, making sure that your time there is nothing short of enjoyable and carefree.

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