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A makeup artist’s wedding prep secrets for gobsmacking beauty

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

I’ve been in the wedding business for YEARS and I’ve had a hand in weddings that I feel like a gay gynaecologist seeing a vagina—in other words, I’m a professional and I’ve developed the science behind wedding preparations. As the Mama Matron of Stiletto Styling and Melbourne’s premier makeup artist, I have a couple of simple beauty tips that you can do and prep before your wedding that will make big changes to how you look on your special day. Your parents will choke up, and your ex will object to your wedding on the cue of “speak now or forever hold your peace.”

Wedding Hair and Makeup

Tip 1: Get hydration facial one day before your wedding A moisturised skin allows makeup to spread like softened butter on a piece of bread, instead of cold butter. Dried skin will cause your makeup to look like crunchy peanut butter. Moisturising smoothens skin’s surface, helping to even out foundation and concealer, and prevents makeup from looking cakey. A hydrated skin looks moist and juicy, turning your skin from raisin into plump grapes.

My go to person to get moist and juicy skin is Kymberley Dench. She is a cosmetic nurse and she is able to create custom treatments to suit your needs. Visit to find out more. Be sure to book in a consultation with her!

Tip 2: Shape your eyebrows

Shaping your eyebrows has an atomic effect on how you look: just a small tweak changes squiggly caterpillars into sleek butterflies that frames your face, lifting years of ageing off your face, widening the eyes, and looking effervescent. Tip 3: Get your hair cut and coloured

Two weeks before your wedding, getting your hair cut and coloured (anything but black preferably) adds dimension and motion to your hairstyle. Making any drastic changes before your big day is risky and I wouldn’t recommend it, so two - three weeks is a good time and it allows extra time to mend any errors.

My all time favourite hair dressing salon also the best in Melbourne is Ribbon Hair. Feel free to check them out at Make sure to secure your booking 3-4 weeks prior to your preferred date.

Tip 4: Natural colour contact lenses The reality is that very few people have perfectly symmetrical eyes. Wearing natural contact lenses evens and brightens the eyes and enhances eye makeup.

Tip 5: Getting your nails done

One or two days before your wedding is a good time to get your nails done. You can’t go wrong with French tips for a classic look but if you’re feeling adventurous, opt for an ombre, add some studs, rhinestones or a bold nail shape.

Bridal Makeup and Hair


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